Tourism and hobbies

A few ideas...

 - the little train of Abreschviller (30 min.), bucolic.

- the animal park of Sainte - Croix, in Rhodes (30min) his wolves, his bears...

- Strasbourg: its cathedral, La Petite France, the Christmas Market...magic!

- The Dabo: its Rock, a very nice point of observation. (30min)

- Sarrebourg: its stained glass from Chagall. (15min)

- Saverne: its pedestrian zone, the Rohans Castle, the Haut Barr Castle... (20min)

- Lutzelbourg: its promenades along the channel, its lock, and its castle (10min)

-the art of the crystal and glass in the entire valley

- the military history museum and Erckmann-Chatrian (Phalsbourg 5min)


And if you would like to, you can go to La Petite Pierre, a nice little village (25min), you can also visit the Troglodyte houses in Graufthal (20min)..., travel to the Bitcher land and visit the international center of the glass art in Meisenthal (50min), the Vauban's Citadelle in Bitche... and most importantly enjoy our beautiful forests.