Going through Lorraine

Definitely attached to our land, we make it a point to share the gastronomy, the culture, and the local arts and crafts with our guests.

Side by side for years, Alsace and Moselle share the history of the east part of France, from which some local laws specific to the region still remains.

The Tarte Flambee or Flammekuche is one of the common culinary heritage. While Alsace prepares it cream cheese, Moselle uses the heavy cream, same for the “Grumberekichle” (potato cookies).

 In the East Moselle, we “Spritze” a way to say we “spray”, and when it's splashed, it “trisse”

We are wearing our “Schlaps” (Slippers) when we enter in our house.

 The “Platt”, a local dialect is still in use, but less and less spoken by the younger generations. Hardly tied to the History of our region, it sounds a lot like German.

 The nursery rhyme “De Hanz im Schnogeloch” literally “John from the mosquito’s hole” has been hummed to the children of Alsace and Moselle for generations.

 This is the way our heritage was built through the years and through the generations, heritage we want to protect and share....